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Announcement 3: time for personal injury 3.0









Dear people,

The time is almost here. On 31 October 2017, I will be launching 95 statements as part of my plea for personal injury 3.0, with the creed: return to autonomy.

Based on the many positive, complimentary and encouraging reactions I have received over the past two weeks, I can confidently say that there is wide support for my intended amendment of the adjustment process.

Before I go into the on and offline launch, I would like to tell you more about the state of affairs of my initiative until now.

The steps leading up to the amendment

In the first announcement [1], I explained why I am launching the 95 statements. I would like for the adjustment process to be more balanced, efficient and just. Countless enthusiastic and favourable responses have poured in since this announcement. It has been read as far away as Africa, Australia and Russia. It is clear that my plea for changes enjoys international attention. This is very rewarding and encourages me to continue along this path.

In the second announcement [2], I explained the deeper message behind the 95 statements, namely the need to (i) make more of an effort to place oneself in the position of the victims and their survivors, (ii) communicate better, and (iii) work together more and better. This requires a more holistic approach. It also requires a switch in roles from merely fulfilling a position to fulfilling an assignment. This was also received with much enthusiasm – so much so, that I barely had time to work anymore! More importantly: thanks to these reactions, I feel greatly supported. For which I am sincerely grateful!

In this third, and last, announcement, I will explain where, when and how the statements will be launched on 31 October 2017. I will also explain what I wish to achieve with these statements.

The presentation and launch of the statements: off and online

I have invited a number of people to attend a presentation that I will be giving in the Rotterdam Laurenskerk, on 31 October 2017, between 3 and 4 p.m. At the start of the presentation, in playful reference to Martin Luther, I will symbolically post the statements on the church’s door.

During the presentation, I will ceremonially hand out the paper version of the 95 statements to various persons who fulfil a position of authority. I will use this occasion to warmly recommend the consideration of certain specific statements, accompanied by the request to discuss these statements within the own organisation and to consider a follow-up to this discussion.

To this purpose, these statements will be handed out to various organisations, including (i) personal injury lawyers, (ii) insurance companies, (iii) register experts, (iv) the government and (v) the judiciary. They will also be handed out to a number of professors, as well as a victim, who was once deeply embroiled in a 39-year (!) adjustment process.

Hammer Challenge

By sharing these statements directly with influential people in this profession, I wish to start a Hammer Challenge, in hopes and the expectation that this will trigger positive changes in many areas for victims and their survivors.

International forum discussion

When Martin Luther’s was alive, messages were spread with the help of homing pigeons, horses and potholed roads. These days, messages are spread (relatively) simply and quickly through the digital highway.

In order to allow personal injury 3.0 to benefit from modern technology, I have created an online forum, created especially for those who (from a personal or professional) perspective have to deal with personal injury.

The 95 statements will be published in Dutch, English and German. This will allow people to react to them both on a national and an international level. And to react to these reactions. This will allow international cooperation on the development of a more holistic approach to our profession, creating a basis for personal injury 3.0, with the creed: return to autonomy.

The forum will go live during the presentation on 31 October 2017. At that point, we will share the name of the forum. As soon as you can log in and react to the statements online, I will inform you of this.

While thanking you for your support and to reward you for your patience, I will share one last “appetizer” before launching all 95 statements on 31 October 2017:

Statement 84: What something feels like is more important than how much it costs.

Feel free to react to this statement and/or this newsletter. You can send it to secretariaat@maartentromp.nl [3]. Or wait until the entire list of statements has been released, if you prefer.

Would you like to attend the presentation?

The personal invitations to attend the ceremonial presentation have already been sent. If you have not received an invitation, but would like to attend, do not hesitate to send an e-mail to secretariaat@maartentromp.nl [4], after which we will extend you a formal invitation.

After the ceremony, we will be hosting a reception at our soon-to-be new office space in the WTC. It is quite literally and figuratively a top location, which we intend to occupy at the start of 2018 – though we are allowed to share it with you on 31 October. This reception is therefore not only in celebration of the launch of the 95 statements, but also of the (i) our new office, (ii) our 20-year anniversary (on 1 January 2018), as well as (iii) something I will be sharing with you during the reception.

Would you be so kind as to share this message within your network? In your tweets, could you please (continue to) use the hashtag: #Tromps95?

Why? Because, at one point or another, everyone is faced with personal injury. And because, now, you can help make a difference.

Spread the word!

Maarten Tromp & the team of Maarten Tromp Advocaten

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